Our Process

Let Us Help You Navigate the Way

We always begin our process by looking at your specific situation. We will better understand your family, interests, and personal ambitions. With this information we build a custom financial plan that’s unique to you, delivered with best-in-class service.

Once we get started, we’ll remain your partner in finance every step of the way. Throughout every stage of our balanced approach we will continually review, monitor, and update your plan, to ensure you find continued success.

Our Process
Discovery Meeting
We'll start by examining your current situation. A thorough understanding of your personal finances allows us to reveal your core needs and begin to set goals.
Chart your financial goals
Choose your own journey and we’ll help with the rest. We’ll consider your timelines, current assets and the amount of money required to reach your objectives.
Introduce the FHP Balanced Approach
Our Balanced Approach adapts to your stage in life. Equally proactive and defensive, it contains the strategies to chart you towards everlasting financial health and freedom.
Implement solutions
After determining your custom financial plan, we’ll schedule discussions (as often as agreed upon) to communicate growth, changes and suggestions regarding your financial health.
Review and Optimize
Navigate your life’s course freely. We’ll proactively monitor and adjust your financial plan as changes occur in your personal life, the markets and the economy.